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(April 5, 2006) - It’s not the latest sequel to the “Jason versus Freddie” movie, it’s one of the decisions you need to make if you’re rolling out a Web 2.0 product. Make the wrong choice, and your project and reputation can suffer. Make the right choice, and you can be a hero. There aren’t any easy answers, but I can take you on a tour of the technology and the decisions involved so you can make a better-informed choice. During our tour I promise you won’t be attacked by a man in a hockey mask, so sit back and enjoy the ride. On one side, we have the XML/XMLHttpRequest camp.  It uses the world-wide XML standard for data. It also involves using the XMLHttpRequest capabilities of most all browsers to retrieve information from a server. We use the XMLHttpRequest object to get XML from our server. So when we say XML in this art... (more)

One More Move, and the Monkey Gets It!

function PopUp01(URL) { day = new Date(); id = day.getTime(); eval("page" + id + " = window.open(URL, '" + id + "', 'toolbar=0,scrollbars=1,location=0,status=0,menubar=0,resizable=0,directories=0,hotkeys=0,width=1160,height=880');"); } Why is this monkey in danger? I've been having more fun than a person should have over the past few months with Web 2.0, and you’re going to get a kick out of what I've been doing. Especially since it involves the impending death of a beloved Web mascot. First I must confess that I'm a slime-sucking weasel. No, not the kind you meet i... (more)

First There Was Java, Then XML, Then AJAX; Now Comes...XJAX

Daniel B. Markham, the most recent new contributor to AjaxWorld Magazine writes: First there was Java, then XML, then AJAX. Now I present to you: "XJAX." XJAX stands for Cross-domain JavaScript and XML. It's a way of working with data sources from various sites inside a web page without having to have a dedicated server. How do I know this new word, this new force majure of the industry? Well. I made it up. I guess I should apologize to sombody. After all, perhaps you need a special certificate or something to create something as beautiful as awk, grep, RegEx (not to be confuse... (more)